The 8 Best Investing Courses of 2021

Online education has picked significant momentum since the advent of the recent pandemic. With schools and colleges worldwide being shut due to lockdowns and virus spread worries, people have adapted to digital learning. This has caused a significant rise in the online education providers’ businesses and has led to many more people creating even more content for the audience to consume. The free time during the lockdowns and the worries around personal finances also interested many people in learning about saving and investing. The markets saw vast retail investors, and stockbrokers reported record numbers of new account openings in 2020. The trend is still continuing, with many people sticking around to this new practice even after the lockdowns got lifted and people moved back to their regular routines. If you also realized the importance of personal finance and investing and are looking to learn in greater detail about these subjects, then here is a list of 8 top courses that you can do online and learn about investing and the financial markets. 

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  1. Financial markets and Investment strategy specialization – ISB on Coursera

This is a specialization program offered by the Indian School of Business. It is freely available on Coursera. It will teach you about portfolio management and the behavioral aspects of investing in the financial markets. It will help you understand how the financial markets work and help you develop various investment strategies relevant to real-world scenarios. 

  1. Financial Markets by Yale University on Coursera

The course is taught by Robert Shiller from Yale University and is freely available on Coursera. You can earn a verified certificate if you finish the system with the graded assignments. The course covers topics like Insurance, Financial markets, behavioral finance, CAPM, etc. 

  1. Introduction to Investments by IIMB on Edx

The course is taught by S.G. Badrinath from IIM Bangalore and is freely available on EdX. It will help you achieve an advanced understanding of financial markets, market participants, global market structure, evaluation of organizations, etc.  Read More About investment definition risks benefits here

  1. Morningstar investing classroom by Morningstar

This is not a single course but a collection of many techniques. Each of these courses deep dives into specific topics and talks about them thoroughly. The classes are self-paced and include high-quality videos, assignments, quizzes, etc. Some topics include ETFs, staying invested in markets, involvement strategies for a volatile market, etc.

  1. Value Investing by Columbia Business School

This is a two-month online program aimed to teach you in-depth about the concepts of value investing. It includes multiple case studies on some of the greatest investors in the world. They are known to have practiced value investing throughout their lives. It comes with real-world examples and investment scenarios. The course is built for both beginners and experienced investors who want to explore value investing in detail. It will help you make a critical thinking approach towards growth, profitability, etc. 

  1. Beginners guide to investing in the stock market on Udemy.

The stock market is a complex structure. One must be aware of many concepts before investing directly in the stock market without any professional guidance. This course will help you understand all these basic concepts that you, as a beginner, should know to be a successful investor. It will explain what the stock market is and how it works. It will help you build investment strategies, analyze market risks and determine the best stocks to invest in. 

  1. Finance for nonfinance professionals by Rice University on Coursera

If you wish to learn about financial concepts but do not have the prerequisites required by most such courses, this might be the course for you. It includes topics like economic assessments, estimating values, determining the compounding returns, predicting future outcomes, etc. This course should cover all the basic concepts that you might need to tackle fundamental financial challenges. read about financial planning basics

  1. The complete financial analyst training and investing course on Udemy

This course is exclusively designed for financial analysts looking to get a corporate job at a financial analysis firm. It contains 54 in-depth modules covering financial modeling, company values, economic modeling, monetary and fiscal policy, etc. It is taught by Chris Haroun. He is an ex Goldman Sachs employee and has many insights from his own personal experience in the corporate world.

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