6 Pre-auction Tips to Make Your Auctions Successful

Usually, auctions in Boston are considered to be events where sellers list their precious items from the old times for sale and buyers bid for those arts. But, to most people‚Äôs surprise, auctions are not confined to only the luxury and precious. They are a very popular way to buy preloved home items of daily use too. 

And even if the times are uncertain, we can be sure that life goes on. People will live, and they will fulfill their needs. And one can live without luxury, but having essential home items is mandatory. And that is why, even during the current pandemic, auctions never stopped.

MaxSold is a downsizing and estate sales company that holds auctions to help buyers find unique and antique home items. Since its first auction in Boston, it has helped 700 people and is still counting. It also allows an online platform for both buyers and sellers. Below mentioned are some tips that can help you host a successful auction in Boston for your home items if you follow.

  1. Organize

The first tip, moreover the first step, that you need to follow is organizing. It involves preparing the home items in such a way that it is easy for the buyer to understand and analyze what they want to buy. You need to group the articles together in lots and keep them separate from the items not for sale. Lotting home content can drive up the competition and make sure that you get lots of bids. But it does not mean that you can group anything for the auction in Boston. You must see that similar items are kept together in a lot. 

  1. Click pictures and provide good descriptions.

It is imperative that you click clear pictures of your belongings. Stock photos would not count, so you have to prepare your catalog. It will include photographs of all the items that you have listed for the auctions in Boston. When the buyer sees the photos, they must get answers to all their questions. The catalog must contain original photographs and detailed descriptions that help the potential buyer make a decision. Also, being the owner of the item, it is your responsibility to mention any care instructions, damage, wear and tear, etc., of the product in the description. 

  1. Start preparing in advance.

You must start preparing in advance when you know you will host an auction and declutter your home. It will help you throughout the process. First things first- you need to detach all the hard-wired connections on the site. Along with the site, you also need to prepare yourself. All the items that you gathered all these years will now part ways with you. It will be an emotional time. So, you need to be strong and make sure that there is no mistake when the auction in Boston is live. 

  1. Set starting bids correctly.

Auctions and bids go hand in hand. If you do not start with the correct bid, there might be a mess. For instance, MaxSold, an auction company in Boston, sets the starting bid as $1. It is a technique that attracts a lot of buyers. If your bid is very high from the beginning, you will lose half of your buyers. Many sellers have a misconception that when minimum bids are set high, there are chances of selling at a higher price. But it is absolutely false. 

  1. Choose a partner

We all have heard the saying that two minds are better than one. And this applies here very aptly. Professional auction companies have been in the industry for a long time. They definitely have a better technical vision and know-how than you. When you partner with a company that hosts auctions in Boston, you make sure that there is no room for mistakes. Also, you are relieved from the tension of marketing, advertising, selling, managing the pickup process, etc.  

  1. Manage refunds

Managing refunds is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of time and energy. You need to provide a refund link to the buyers when they ask for it. You can be at ease if you have professional assistance because these professionals have a gateway through which refunds are processed. And if not, you need to create one for yourself. 


It sometimes happens that people want something in their homes but do not want to invest much in it. For instance, kitchen appliances. These items are not needed regularly, but you never know when you want to make something special. For things like these also, people buy from auctions. And for success, it is vital that you have the proper guidance. So, always choose wisely.

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