6 Benefits of Custard Apple that Will Surprise You

Cherimoya, popularly known as custard apple, is one of the most surprising fruits. From its outer shape to its inside flesh, everything is just amusing. And the first surprise that comes in is that despite its ill-defined form, it has a taste like nothing else. From custard apple smoothie to a sweet dish, everything leaves your taste buds longing for more. Each part of this fruit is used as a medicine to cure a variety of diseases. 

And you are likely to get the best farm produce if you buy this organic fruit online. Gourmet Garden, one of the fledgling fruit and vegetable delivery stores, produces custard apples with their organic farming techniques. The methods of organic production of crops ensure that their nutrient density is not damaged, and you only get the best of all fruits.  

The custard apple is rich in fiber, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that make your body strong and resistant. Its laxative property helps promote bowel health and reduces the chances of getting any syndrome. The bark of its tree is used to treat diarrhea, and the leaves manage diabetes. There is literally nothing from a custard apple that you can not use! 

Following are the various benefits that you can avail of when you choose to buy this organic fruit online from Gourmet Garden.

  • Helps improve digestion 

Since custard apples are packed with fibers and nutrients, it is excellent for your gut health and digestion. It helps push out the bowel quickly, and you can prevent getting diarrhea and constipation. Also, it is considered to be a cool fruit that relaxes your ulcers, acidity, and gastric reactions, and attacks in the body. So if you want to detoxify your body and ensure that it functions optimally, you need to incorporate custard apples into your diet.

  • Better cardiovascular health

Custard apple is one of those fruits that have a well-defined ratio of potassium and sodium that help to keep your blood pressure in check. Also, the rich magnesium content relaxes heart muscles that minimize the chances of stroke or heart attack. Bad cholesterol or LDL is terrible for your heart. The organic fruit you bought online controls lousy cholesterol and averted the free radicals from causing any harm to your body. 

  • Enhances eyesight

Along with vitamin A and C, riboflavin is also an essential nutrient that keeps your eyesight in check. Custard apple contains high content of these vitamins and helps you boost your vision. As we grow old, we tend to face eyesight issues, including night blindness. But when you consume organically grown custard apples from the local farms of Gourmet Garden, you can help your eyes and prevent any further damage to them.

  • Helps fight fatigue

Our daily lifestyle is very different from how it used to be earlier. There is a lot of work, and we rarely get time to focus on health. Due to all this, we feel tired most of the time. Our new schedule has insisted we buy organic fruits online too. It is good that we can get a complete nutrition package at our homes. But it is also essential that we focus on our physical health. A 100 gram serving of custard apple contains the right amount of calories that you need to have. It keeps you active all day long. 

  • Helps diabetics and women with PCOD

Nowadays, diabetes and PCOD are very common. Even children have shockingly high sugar levels at a very young age. This is not what should happen. So, you must be safer at the start to avoid any aftermath. One of the most common myths associated with custard apple is that it is very sweet and contains high sugar content. On the other hand, the glycemic level of custard apple is only 54, which is not considered high. So it also helps satisfy your sweet cravings without affecting the sugar content in your body.

  • Boosts anti-cancerous properties

Custard apple is rich in flavonoids that help generate resistance against various cancer-causing bacteria and tumors. It also contains acetogenin and alkaloids that reduce the risk of renal failure. The fiber-rich fruit also has antioxidant properties that act against carcinogenic bacteria and prohibit them from growing in your body. 
In a nutshell, we can say that custard apple is a superfood that contains multiple benefits for humans. And the organic methods used to cultivate them are a cherry on the cake. So, whenever you wish to eat custard apple, make sure that you buy this “organic” fruit online to double the positive effects.

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