How to find out who has unsubscribed on Instagram?

Today Instagram is a popular social network whose audience is growing at an incredible rate. Most users use it to “spy” on the lives of friends and acquaintances. Thanks to it, you can move anywhere in the world in a second and see what other people are posting. Of course, some participate in a kind of “race for subscribers” and try by all means to increase their number. It’s always nice to see numbers grow, but not to see the number of subscribers decline. Especially when you don’t know who won’t follow you anymore.

Instagram is designed in such a way that you get absolutely no data about those who unsubscribed from you. That is why, if you do not have a phenomenal memory, and you have not copied all your subscribers into a notebook, you can hardly determine who has stopped following your page. Agree, this would be very useful information. After all, it is one thing if the reason for the decrease in the number of subscribers was the “cleaning” of bots and empty accounts and quite another – when real users unsubscribe from you. In the second case, it would be very useful to know this. After all, perhaps, there are problems with the content, and you should work on it: change the format of posts, think about the color combinations of published photos, etc. This is especially true for business accounts,

One way or another, in this situation you simply cannot do without third-party services. Just a few clicks – and all the information about the unsubscribed users will be in front of your eyes.

Let’s take a look at the options that are currently available to users of the web version. you can also get new subscribe after visiting top sites to buy instagram followers UK.

Web services for tracking unsubscribed users

Over the past few months, the list of services available to users for PCs has shrunk dramatically. Some services basically stopped working with Instagram, others just excluded the ability to view unsubscriptions. Among them are such popular tools as:


Of the rest, we managed to find only one service that provides users with the opportunity to see those who have unsubscribed from their accounts. Moreover, this service is included in the package price along with other 30 analytical indicators. We’re talking about – a service that provides full analytics for your Instagram account.

This service can open up great opportunities for you. For example, you can select a  specific period and track how the number of your subscribers changed depending on what content you published.

At the moment, Instarget pro displays information only for TOP-10 unsubscriptions. This metric contains an algorithm that tracks unsubscribed accounts with a large number of followers.

However, the Instarget team promises to introduce the ability to view an extended unsubscribe list.

Other services provide the ability to track only the total number of users who unsubscribed per day. On the graph, it looks like this:

Mobile apps to track Instagram unsubscriptions

If it is more convenient for marketers to track all information about activities in an account through web services, then mobile applications are more suitable for personal use. With the help of them, you can find out information about unsubscribed users in just a few steps.

We present to your attention several options that we tested personally. Here are both new items and already proven applications. To a large extent, all applications are similar, but some can offer you not only statistics on unsubscriptions, but also other equally interesting information.

1.  Instafollowers 

A simple application with a user-friendly interface, which is not limited solely to the data on the accounts of unsubscribed users. In it, you can see the division of subscribers by country, information about the reach, a list of bots, and much more.

2. Who has unsubscribed from Instagram 

An application with a very limited set of functions. Allows you to see who has unsubscribed from you, who does not like you, reciprocal subscriptions, and comments.

3. Followers Assistant 

A very simple application for tracking who follows you mutually, who unsubscribed, and who did not follow you at all. Basically, these are just basic functions.

4. Follower Insight for Instagram 

Thanks to this application, you can easily see who has unsubscribed from your account and unsubscribe from non-reciprocal followers yourself. Also, you are provided with statistics on the total number of subscribed and unsubscribed users. The only drawback: a large number of ads in the application.

5. Who has unsubscribed from Instagram 

Another application with basic features. With it, you can see non-reciprocal subscriptions or those who have unsubscribed from you.

After installing any application, you just need to specify the username and password for your account, and then all information will be collected automatically.


As you may have noticed, there is no special choice of services for PC users that track information about people who unsubscribe from their accounts. On the other hand, after updating Picalytics, this may not be necessary.

A completely different situation is observed among mobile applications. There are many options here, among which there are “helpers” with advanced functionality, such as Instafollowers and Follower Insight for Instagram, as well as simpler options. There is plenty to choose from.

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