5 Easy makeup look you should try in 2021

Nowadays makeup has become an essential part of everybody’s daily routine. Whether you have to go to the office or to the party or someone’s wedding. You need makeup, light or heavy it’s up to you that how you want to look at the specific occasion.

It’s not like makeup is something that is mandatory or necessary but the thing is people do it to look a little different or extra. Or some people do it because they feel confident in themselves or some people just want to create a fun look.

So, if you want a little extra or something fun makeup looks like the confident and beautiful model Lauren Henry who looks amazing in every makeup or no-makeup look you should read the article to the end.

The very little or no-makeup look

No makeup or natural look can be convenient for the days when you have to go somewhere and you are getting late or if you are just lazy and not in a mood to do makeup. Then a no makeup or natural look can work for you. It takes few makeup items and a little time to do. For example, you just need your primer, concealer, foundation, mascara, lipstick or lipgloss and that’s it.

 Fun makeup look

You can try an E-girl makeup look if you want something fun or if you are going to a theme party at your friend’s place. What basically does E-girl look is? It is a fun look with colorful eyeshadows and a heavy winged liner or you can paint some flowers, hearts, or anything you like on your cheekbone to make it a little interesting.

Glamorous look

You can make yourself look glamorous by trying out something extra. If you want a glamorous look you can apply a subtle eyeliner to your natural-looking eye makeup with the lash extension. In the end, a red matte lipstick would look gorgeous with your natural or no makeup eye look.

Something extraordinary

You can create an extraordinary look by applying a green eyeshadow. Although it’s not something you can wear normally, sometimes to make your look a little different it will work like magic.

Add pink and be dramatic

We consider it a date look! Because it looks dramatic and beautiful at the same time. You can use both shades of pink with nude lipstick, winged liner, and lashes extension to slay on your look. This makeup look will be tempting to look at.

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