Preschool is an important milestone in child development that cannot be overstated. 

It marks the beginning of a new phase of life where they undergo dynamic developmental changes in the sphere of physical, social, emotional, and communicative development.

Sending a child off to preschool could be a bittersweet moment for every parent. Separation anxiety for both parent and child can be an overwhelming experience. It also triggers mixed emotions in parents. For a child, entering a new environment filled with unfamiliar faces can cause both anxiety and excitement. Therefore, parents should be as well-prepared as the child with their decision and the preschool setting to smoothen the child’s transition towards a new phase of life.

Here are a few things to consider before sending the child off to preschool in Pune:

  • Easing the child’s fears: Spend time talking with your child about preschool before it starts. If possible, visit the preschool with the child a few times before school starts. This can put the child at ease about unfamiliar territory.
  • Introducing the teacher: Introducing the teacher to the child can begin a trustworthy and healthy teacher-child relationship. Assure your child that they will be happy and safe under the teacher’s care.
  • Knowing your child: It is vital for the parent to be aware of the child’s behaviour, likes, dislikes, strengths, interests, weaknesses and mental aptitude. This will be of great help in selecting a school that is responsive to the child’s individualized needs. 
  • Assessing the child’s physical stamina: Different activities like field trips, gardening, climbing etc. require both mental and physical stamina. Evaluating whether the child is comfortable undertaking different activities that demand activeness, exploration and interaction will keep the child mentally and physically prepared for different tasks.
  • Maintaining a routine: Preschool revolves around a wide variety of activities like studying, playing, lunch and extracurricular activities. Building a timetable at home first will enable the child to know what is coming next and what is expected.
  • Potty training: Knowing about selfcare is important for any child before starting preschool. Parents are expected to potty train their child and teach them self-hygiene practices like handwashing, cleaning and flushing toilets to make the process of early education at preschool easier.

Acknowledging the importance of easing the anxiety of the child as well as the parents themselves will provide a sense of calm and confidence to the child. The more assured the parent is, the more confident the child will be. Getting them ready with necessary information and tools will instill a positive attitude towards learning in them, while making the child ready for their biggest adventure yet.

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