Amazing And Lesser Known Facts About New Year Festivity

New Year is one of the happiest festivities marked in any part of the world that comes at the start of each year and adds an elegant meaning to it. This annual celebration comes a week later to the Christmas that falls on the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, who worked for the betterment of the entire humanity as a whole. Initially, this happy occasion was exclusively restricted to the Christian community, especially of England, but has gradually expanded its range to include other communities. People from all the age groups mostly tend to start preparing for this occasion several days or weeks in advance with full sprites.  It is enjoyed in various regions as per their local culture and tradition; however, one thing that is common everywhere is the irresistibly beautiful decoration pattern.

This season is mainly popular for being accompanied by a week-long holiday season. The people of the U.K. get into festive mood just after 25th December and stay in this mode for the next 12 days enjoying delightful food, tasty beverages and grand get-togethers that often include recreational activities such as singing and dancing sessions. If you are interested in knowing more facts about the year starting the celebration, then this write-up is the final destination for you.

No House Cleaning:

In a few regions of China, it is popularly believed that you cannot sweep your home or workplace during the New Year week. This theory is said to have its origin somewhere during the Jade emperor.  Those from these areas can participate in housekeeping activities weeks or so in advance but in a specific pattern. They are required to sweep inward and not outside the front door and  take the trash outside through the rear door after they are done with the cleaning project. Some people usually prefer to clean their tombstones during this period. An average Chinese wishes to free himself/ herself from all the pending debts before the arrival of the festive season. Most lenders in this country avoid taking their money back during this period and eagerly wait for it to end. Those with a busy schedule order New year cake to add even more sweetness to their relationship with their near and dear ones. 

Red is the most preferred color that is mainly used for decoration during this happy occasion. It goes especially well with the theme of this event for adding a finishing touch to it. There are many hues within it, and you need to have a clear idea of what works for you. Choosing the right one 

Men and women plan to meet their dearest ones, dressed elegantly in red and wish them warmly with a big smile on their face. They present their loved ones with a useful present that would surely make the everyday life of your loved ones much simpler. 

Consumption Of Oranges Is Auspicious:

Did you know about the importance of consumption of oranges during the New year festivity? If not, then better know it now. This practice is mostly said to bring good luck to you. The sweet-sour taste often appeals to the heart of all the guests.. They are proven to add a finishing touch to a meal. 

Make a point to pay a surprise visit to the place of your known ones and spend some quality time with them sharing pleasant moments from the recent past with them. This kind gesture from your side would make them feel the extent to which you love and care for them that was not possible otherwise.

Visit Religious Places:

People usually plan to visit their place of worship in their most preferred outfits after having a bath in the morning. They pray for a bright future ahead. They serve their God and Goddess with carefully prepared homemade food in beautiful silver or gold utensils. It is a practice to offer them to monks, priests or religious practitioners. 

Take an active part in donating items of everyday use among the poor and underprivileged to receive blessings from them. 

Planning For  A Family Outing:

Remember to plan a family trip to a newly discovered hill station forgetting all the worries of everyday life. Create a gesture that everyone wants to see from your side,  Do not neglect to send New year cakes online that are often freshly prepared in a special order. 

Those mentioned above are some of the lesser-known facts about the Christmas festivity.

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