Choose the Perfect Wedding Bands Style This Summer 2021

The traditional approach of buying wedding bands that complement and match the engagement rings has become a thing of the past. The wedding bands trends of 2021give a slight hint that couples are not afraid of experimenting with the style, cut and gemstones. This summer, brides will be seen looking for one of its kinds wedding bands to celebrate their day of love. From statement bands to curved bands and even mixing of metals is hot right now. The idea behind the bold design trends is to stay true to your style. Take a cue from this post that rounds up the top trending wedding ring styles of 2021.

Popular Wedding Ring Styles in 2021 to Consider

It’s the wedding season and when everything is setting up in the right way, wedding bands are no exception. Those rings should be the perfect reflection of your style, but that doesn’t mean you cannot follow trends. The wedding bands trends of 2021include bursts of creativity ranging from color, sparkle, glamour to subtlety. Pick the one that suits you best.

  1. Consider the Stacking Potential: Stackable Wedding Bands

This trend gives you the freedom to choose what works best for you. The stackable wedding bands can look subtle and delicate individually and can give the statement look when worn together. Brides are simply in awe of stackable wedding bands as they allow customization. You can pair or match the stack pieces however you like. Thereby, stackable wedding bands become the hot trend as you can create a new and unique look for every event you attend.

  • The Millennial Favorites: Gemstone Wedding Bands

The individuality offered by gemstone wedding bands makes them popular than ever before. Especially, millennials are going gaga over colored gemstone wedding bands because the ring is more than just sparkle. The color reflects deep meanings to compliment the style and individuality of the wearer. The top trending colors in gemstone wedding bands are blue, green and red. You will find many brides flaunting the radiant aura of clusters of sapphire and topaz on their fingers.

  • The Modern and Contoured Edges: Curved Wedding Bands

Curved wedding bands date back to the Victorian era and have recently popped back in style. Especially, if your engagement ring has a raised profile or fancy diamond shapes then contoured curved wedding bands should be the ultimate choice for you. The best thing about curved wedding bands is that they can be stacked easily with other rings. Contoured edges in half-way down shape can be seen as the most demanded pattern in wedding bands trends of 2021.

  • The Endless Circle of Sparkle: Eternity Wedding Bands

This summer, the never-ending circle of diamonds in eternity wedding bands will be in the hype. For a standout look, a circle of emerald cut diamonds band is gaining huge popularity. Eternity wedding bands symbolize everlasting love and more brides are opting for this pattern because it gives a fashion upgrade to their engagement ring. Eternity wedding bands should be considered if you are looking for a nice layer to your existing finger jewelry.

  • Embrace the accent shapes: Fancy diamond wedding ring sets

You simply can’t go wrong with round diamond wedding ring sets, however, the glamorous sparkle has been given a new design twist with accent diamonds. In simple words, the modern options for diamond wedding ring sets would be anything other than round. The accent cut offers twice the style statement of a classic diamond ring. Moreover, the accent shape of marquise diamond in wedding ring sets is expected to be the hottest favorite of brides this summer.

  • Modern and minimalist: Matching wedding bands

We all know there is so much effort, time and hard work that goes into the process of finding the perfect design. To honor the alliance, couples can also consider matching wedding bands. A delicate thread of diamond on gold or platinum matching wedding bands looks lovely on both men and women. In addition to the timeless classic diamond pieces, colored accents are also gaining wide acclamation for matching wedding bands.

Final Thoughts

The contour wedding bands trends of 2021 represent that brides want styles that are rich with symbolism. They want their wedding rings to be just as unique as their relationship is. Going through the top wedding ring stylesof2021also tell that now the band is not all about sparkle.

The layering or stacking trend is actually getting attraction because it allows the features of customization and minimalistic trends altogether. The flexibility to increase and decrease the overall shine of the ring is what most brides love these days. In addition to this, you can also get a hint of past by investing in an accent style or gemstone rings that will combine both aesthetic and deep meanings.

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