What Do You Need To Know About Stand Graphic Design?

As we all are aware that the design of the exhibition stand stands for being peculiar enough to be apart from the crowd. The design should be so unique that it helps you to make a real impression in front of the audience. And, this is a tough task! Maybe your space is confined and your competitors will also be there, so you must make the perfect visual impact in front of the audience to pitch the leads. 

The modular exhibition system you are using for the event must have a wow factor to make a real impression. This is because first is very important when your aim is to gain exhibition traffic otherwise the people wouldn’t be able to know about the amazing products or services you are offering. It is your responsibility to make them arrive at your stand.

How important is the design?

Very much! If you are not into graphic designing, take help from experts who create artwork for the exhibition stand and make you stand out from the competitors. Considering the design concept, some factors need to be considered which can serve unique to the exhibition environment. Have a look at some great tips that may help you to make a stand out from others for the next event.

1. Doing Proper Research 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to pay attention to the type of crowd that is arriving at the event. Many of the exhibition events do set up a unique theme and reach to the graphics that you will find at the exhibition stands. If you are daring enough to break this usual format and you will be able to catch the attention of visitors. For beginners, you will find many pictures of the stands online with the help of an event website or through social media. 

2. Try Something Daring 

Try not to complex the graphic of the stand by including texts or small images. Instead, try to keep the minimum text and make the large headlines of the brand name. The included text in the artwork should be easily understood and need to be made remembered for the maximum effect to the audience. Don’t go for patterns and bold colors as they are not suggested options for businesses, finance, health, or any wedding exhibition. Be bold with your color and style choices for an exhibition! 

3. Color According To Mood 

The colors can create ultra-fine messages about the brand you are presenting and get the mood of the visitor which you need to tackle and can be used as an advantage. The colors put a strong impact on the mood of the visitor; say yellow uplifts the mood and blue gives a calm effect. Different colors give different messages to the audience about your brand. Generally, companies with blue color branding are reliable while orange color indicates cheeriness. Keep in mind the mood and messages of your artwork which will give a complete idea of the exhibition stand. 

Modular Exhibition System

4. Use Of Panels 

If you go with the non-smooth graphic, in such case the artwork may get broken in between intervals by the shell scheme poles. This can give you a great chance to make a division of artwork into different panels of images and texts. A recommended option is avoiding spacing text over more than a single panel if you are going with this opinion. In the case of seamless wall graphics, go for large images and text. 

5. Space Awareness 

Keep a check on the things that will be on your Exhibition stand graphics. If you have any plans of keeping the sofa, showcase cabinets, or counters on the shell scheme walls, try not to hide the important messages as well as images at the bottom of the artwork. Keep the brand name near the artwork top so that it becomes clearly visible on the visitor’s mind and near the exhibition stand. 

6. Careful Inspection Of Images 

You should view each part of the selected images at full scale. Some elements can’t be traced in a thumbnail but will surely be visible when the image is tall. Also, keep a check on the quality of images to be sharp when it gets blown up on a big scale. 

7. Checking The Spellings 

This is an important point to take care of. No matter how much attention you have paid to the artwork text, there is always some space for mistakes. If you have been working on the artwork for some duration, the mistakes can be unseeing. So before doing the submission of the printer, keep a check on the text of the artwork. Grammar check is another important point otherwise the message you are portraying will get screwed by the faulty grammar. Each displaying text should be free from errors.

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