Art Jamming in Singapore: What You Need in Order to Try it Out!

Art Jamming in Singapore is a collaborative and inclusive type of art project where people from all backgrounds can get together to create something. With this, everyone has the opportunity to be both an artist and a spectator. The main purpose is to have a different outlook on creativity by allowing people to come up with ideas, draw pictures or even write words together in order to start a conversation that will lead them towards the overall goal of the art project.

By working side-by-side with others, you can break down any barriers between artists which will make it easier for you to explore your creative potentials by being exposed to new perspectives. As one might know, Art Jamming in Singapore after some young creatives had decided they wanted more out of life than going to the usual bars and clubs. They wanted a place that was more welcoming for everyone, no matter who they were or where they came from. In this article, we will be going over everything you need to know about art jamming!

It is unique!

At Art Jamming in Singapore, one doesn’t have to worry about coming up with something new because there is always something unique and interesting happening around them: people doing completely different things than someone else but still able to work together in harmony with one another. Sometimes, differences can become a driving force for inspiration so it’s best not to try and put someone down just because of their differences.

There are also chunks of time within each session dedicated solely for brainstorming ideas on what kind of project you want to work on. This is an excellent opportunity for people who are not so confident in their creativity but want to try something new. It’s also a great way for beginners to familiarize themselves with the techniques other artists use when they draw or paint. This will help someone learn how others approach art and possibly inspire them into creating their own unique style!

You can feel free!

As mentioned earlier, Art Jamming in Singapore is not just about coming up with ideas for your project but also getting feedback from others while you’re at it! The best thing about this is that you can get honest answers without worrying too much about what others think of your project since, by the end of the session, everything created over these 3 hours will be gone forever! You can feel free to put everything you’ve got into your work and not worry about what will happen to it afterward.

This is the most important part of Art Jamming; where everyone’s creativity comes together as one big family! As an artist, do not be afraid to try new things because there are no rules when creating something! Don’t be afraid of creating something that might not look as good as others but if you like it, then go for it!

Take every chance!

Sometimes, making a mistake can lead somewhere unexpectedly amazing so take every chance you have even if it means going against conventional wisdom just for the sake of trying something new. If you’re a spectator at a jamming session, keep in mind that artists can sometimes become too focused on their own work to give you feedback about yours! Be patient with them and don’t be too pushy when asking for feedback.

Sometimes, it is better if they give their input in a subtle way that will not affect the flow of the session. Instead of saying something like “I don’t like this” point out the things they might be doing wrong and encourage them to think about those parts more. You can also ask questions such as: “What do you think will happen if we try it this way?” and let them do the brainstorming instead of giving them your own opinion. Art Jamming in Singapore is a great way for artists to come up with ideas that they would not have thought of otherwise!


Art Jamming in Singapore is a form of art therapy that invites everyone to create, explore and express themselves. As an all-inclusive experience, it can be great for both seasoned artists and those who are just starting out. If you’ve never tried this before but want to give it a shot in Singapore, here’s everything you need to know about how the process works! We would love your thoughts on what you think about jamming through one of our social media channels like Facebook or Twitter?

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