An Overview: Family Umrah Packages

Traveling to Mecca is a great way for Muslims to take part with families in the Hajj through Family Umrah Packages. This pilgrimage, which occurs during the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah, is one of the five pillars of Islam and involves visiting sacred places within Saudi Arabia. The most important site on this journey is Masjid Al-Haram (The Sacred Mosque), which contains the Ka’ba – an ancient stone building that acts as a focal point for prayer. It’s also considered by many Muslims to be all that remains from Adam’s House after it was destroyed by floodwaters sent by God as punishment for his disobedience. As well as being home to Masjid Al Haram, Mecca has plenty more sights worth seeing including the Zamzam Well, Al-Khandaq (Trench), and the Mina’s Sandstone Chambers.


After finishing their Hajj in Mecca, pilgrims will then travel to Medina and visit the Prophet Muhammad’s Mosque and tomb. This is a place of great spiritual significance for Muslims because it marks where Muhammad, the final prophet of Allah, was buried in AD 632 at the age of 63. It’s estimated that around half a million people per year visit this important site so it might be difficult to find parking if you choose to go with your family on Family Umrah Packages! The whole point of going on the Hajj is so pilgrims can feel closer to God when they return home. To achieve this, it’s important to take a few precautions before traveling. First, make sure you read about health risks and alerts in Saudi Arabia before booking. Umrah Packages. Second, take out suitable travel insurance that covers accidents during your journey – this is especially important if you’re visiting from another country as medical costs are expensive. Finally, make the most of your time away from home by staying safe and healthy.

The Costs & Differences!

When it comes to choosing a Package for family umrah, there are many things both pilgrims and their families should be aware of: the time of year they visit, what activities they enjoy, and whether or not they want to travel alone with other pilgrims. Although prices can range anywhere the main differences between Family Umrah Packages come in the form of– Flight Time & Day – Flights are often arranged so that pilgrims can leave at night. This is because flights departing after midnight are significantly cheaper to book – especially if you’re traveling domestically. However, some people prefer to fly during the day because they’d rather get their journey over with quickly. Religious Activities – There are certain tasks that have to be finished before beginning your Hajj. These include performing the ‘Ibadah’, reciting Talbiyah, staying in a state of Ihram and Tawaf al-Ifadah. These tasks vary in difficulty so some umrah packages include just one, while others have all four. The length of your stay in Saudi Arabia can affect the cost of your Family Umrah Package dramatically. Many pilgrims choose to stay for an extended period so they can complete their Hajj as quickly as possible.

What to Avoid?

Others want to enjoy themselves and relax by staying longer in the country. All Umrah Packages include travel between airports, hotels, and holy sites but you should note that there are different types of transportation available: buses, trains/subways, cars…etc! All of the above are important factors when choosing a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. However, there is one more thing all pilgrims should avoid before booking Family umrah packages: pre-paying for their travel arrangements. Although it can be tempting to pay in advance, make sure you know exactly what you’re buying before giving your money away. Umrah Packages are available on any budget so there’s no excuse not to go with the right information! A final tip that will help reduce stress is to choose an agent that doesn’t have any hidden fees attached to their Umrah packages. Travel agents sometimes charge extra for pick-up times, flight delays, and other ‘extras’ but it’s easy to avoid this by doing thorough research before booking any travel arrangements.


All of the above information should be enough to help you book your Family Umrah Packages correctly. If you follow these simple steps and avoid any mistakes, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself and learn about different cultures! The important thing is to choose a Package that fits your needs as closely as possible so take some extra care over this stage before confirming anything. Umrah packages are available for pilgrims of all budgets so don’t let money get in the way of your spiritual journey!

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