10 Cryptocurrency Trends To Watch In 2021

COVID-19 boosted the digital transition in 2020. Without a doubt, 2021 will be a year of enormous successes as cryptocurrency trends shape the future of finance. Even though 2021 is half through, fresh crypto innovations emerge daily. In the next six months, we should anticipate more crypto usage and top crypto trends.

For better investing selections, crypto enthusiasts should grasp the top crypto trends. Here are the top 10 bitcoin industry trends to watch in 2021.


Decentralized financial services (DeFi) initiatives will be a prominent trend in 2021. DeFi ventures have recently developed a solid financial base. Experts think DeFi will also boost the adoption of digital asset storage and tokenization. DeFi will also expand along with Ethereum (based on DeFi protocols).

Stable coins Growth

The number of stable coins in circulation grew by 500% in 2020. In 2021, Tether and USDC will be the market leaders for dollar-pegged stable coins. Stable coins are a popular crypto currency nowadays. Stable coins are becoming increasingly popular as investors seek to insulate themselves from the regular crypto market volatility.

Introducing Tax Laws

This bubble is surely expanding as more nations across the globe accept cryptocurrencies. Crypto taxation remains uncertain. That might change this year, as crypto-standard standards may control crypto transactions. This crypto market trend will shortly start.

Central Bank Cryptocurrency (CBDCs)

Experts suggest that once rules come into play, central banks will be able to participate using Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). This is the future of payments and finance. You’ve probably heard about China’s digital yuan. Other nations including the USA, UK, and Europe are also trying to establish tokenized money.

Public Cryptos

Initial public offerings (IPOs) are something that growing cryptocurrencies may pursue. Cryptocurrency exchanges are also becoming more popular and may eventually go public. This has the potential to establish cryptocurrency as a mature market with established participants.

Move over ETFs (ETF)

This year’s ETF is highly anticipated. However, the US SEC has been delaying its ruling on ETFs for a long period. Instead of exchange wallets, if ETFs are authorized, more traders will invest in cryptocurrencies. This will boost the crypto market.

NTs (Non-fungible Tokens)

NFTs are digital assets that reflect real-world items. People who want to trade products may skip the complicated onboarding procedure of a centralized platform. A lot of people utilize NFTs in the art and gaming industries. NFTs will gain popularity this year.

Crypto Tax

Prepare to pay crypto tax as several nations intend to do so shortly. Various governments are developing methods to monitor bitcoin transactions. In 2021, crypto exchanges may be required to declare client profits to tax authorities.

5G Will Become Common

Mining operations, DeFi applications, and new service launches will all benefit from the use of 5G technology. In addition, 5G will enable high-speed connections, eliminating the need to locate servers close to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Millennials and Crypto

Millennials, in addition to investors, are interested in cryptocurrency. More bitcoin education will be made accessible in order to assist millennials in navigating the volatile cryptocurrency market. Millennials should pay attention to current crypto market developments.

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