Tips to Buy A Diamond Pendant for Women

A diamond necklace is a style statement that can never go unnoticed. A sleek neckline or a beautifully carved pendant in a chain draws attention towards the wearer as this accessory has an unmatched allure.

How to Buy A Perfect Diamond Necklace?

Before we study the tips, let us understand the difference between a diamond necklace and a diamond pendant. A pendant comes from “pendre” which means to hang down. Thus, a pendant is a charm that hangs down from the chain. On the other hand, a diamond necklace is worn around the neck and consists of a series of stones that are intricately linked to each other in a chain.

Rose Gold Diamond Pendants

Now Let Us Go Through Some Tips on Buying A Diamond Necklace:

Length of the necklace: The length of the neck of the person and personal choice play a significant role in buying a diamond necklace. While a diamond necklace less than 14 inches might give a snug fit around the neck and be a little uncomfortable, a necklace beyond 20 inches might fail to create a mark with a small pendant. The following size chart can work as a deciding factor:

  • 14 inches (Collar)- Neatly wraps around the throat
  • 16 inches (Chokker)- Close to the throat
  • 18 inches (Princess)- Rests on the collarbone
  • 20inches (Matinee)- Between the collarbone and bust

Necklace style: Choosing the one from a plethora of designs can be a tough task. Your personal preference will command this parameter, but having an idea of the designs and how each is meant to be worn can help in making the decision. Some of the preferred styles are:

Solitaire pendant necklace: Can you ever go wrong with this classic beauty that has ruled the hearts since times immemorial? Certainly not! Be it a solitaire pendant which is a single stone diamond sitting in a jewellery chain or a solitaire necklace, this piece of jewellery is sheer joy to own. When you choose a solitaire pendant necklace make sure you have understood the 4 Cs well in advance to bring home a striking neckline.

Halo diamond pendant: For something dazzling and luxurious that makes the centre stone shine with an extra gleam, you got to buy a halo diamond pendant in which the centre stone is encircled with a series of small diamonds which alleviate the appeal of the ensemble.

Heart-shaped diamond pendant: This is a perfect gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s and birthdays for the name says it all.

  • The setting of the diamond: Through prong setting has always been a hit; you can choose either bezel setting or halo setting depending on personal preference.
  • Age of the wearer: What appeals to your mother might not work with your girlfriend. Older women look for sophistication and the younger generations want something trendy and funky. Keep this in mind when you buy a diamond necklace.
  • Face shape of the wearer: A long necklace will add charm to the personality of those with a round shape and a short necklace will create magic with those having a heart-shaped face. Careful selection will make an impact!
  • Budget: No matter what you like and what you want, your finances will be the deciding factor. Don’t go overboard lest you should feel the pinch later.

Diamond pendants are cherished possessions. Select your charm from our store and spread your magic.

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