Things to Know About Handmade Jewellery

Florence in Italy is said to hold the honour of being the oldest handmade jewellery trademark in the world. Handcrafted jewellery is an exquisite accessory to own and in this article, we will learn some interesting facts about bespoke diamond jewellery

What is Handmade Jewellery?

As the name suggests, handmade jewellery is made with hands instead of machines and because of this, handcrafted jewellery holds an exceptional value in the market and the eyes of the beholder. This artistic creation of the designers is poles apart from what you get to see on the shelves. Every piece of handcrafted jewellery is an epitome of grace and finesse that is crafted to meet the demands of the wearer. The bespoke jewellery is all about your tastes and preferences and when you choose handmade engagement rings over the ones that are available in the store, you have already moved an inch closer to magnificence and class.

Let us try to figure out some interesting things about handmade jewellery that you were not aware of:

There is a story behind every piece you select: An artisan carves a beautiful story in every piece of jewellery that he/she creates and the same love and depth are depicted in the final accessory you buy. The designs send a message and strike a chord the moment you look at the handmade wedding rings or handmade diamond engagement rings.

No machines: Handmade jewellery is all about detailing and since the artisans don’t use machines, so every piece is soldered, sawed, carved and shaped with hands. This makes handmade jewellery flawless when compared to anything made in bulk using machines.

It is all about time: If you are expecting bespoke diamond jewellery to be ready on the shelves within a few days, then you are mistaken. Since the work is complicated and a lot of detailing and intricacies have to be kept in mind while working with stones and metal, handmade jewellery takes a lot of time before it gets into shape.

Exclusivity:  Handmade jewellery is the art and talent of the designer and no machine can replicate the thoughts of an artisan. It is an unwritten program that cannot be fed in any machine. So you can expect an exquisite piece of jewellery when you choose anything handmade over the ones made with machines.

Material: Handmade jewellery is made from the highest quality of material which is sourced from highly reputed suppliers and this is what distinguishes handmade jewellery from the rest.  An artisan will spend loads of time in deciding which material will work the best with the kind of design and stone chosen and accordingly purchase the one. The creativity of the artisan speaks volumes of the hard work and commitment to details when you look at the final piece of jewellery.

Supporting the real people: When you invest in handcrafted jewellery you support the real artisans who are the faces behind the accessory you adorn! Connecting with such artisans brings you closer to their lifestyle and how they work diligently in crafting unique jewellery pieces.

One of a kind: Handcrafted jewellery is something you will not find on the shelves. For that matter, chances are high that if you request a similar one, you might not even get that. Uniqueness is the signature of handmade jewellery and that is what sets it apart from anything produced in bulk.

Connecting with the clients is the essence of designing bespoke diamond jewellery and we love to connect with our clients to know them well and design something that matches their style.

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