Depression Is One Of The New Men’s Issues

After all, men’s health is a global issue. Doctors and medical professionals believe that men are more prone to significant health issues than women. Why is this the case, though? Repression of women has a long history, stretching back to the Victorian era and even before that. The irony of today is that men are more vulnerable to mental diseases like sorrow and worry. Males are now overrepresented in obesity, hypertension, blood pressure, and ED issues, to name a few. Vidalista 20 pills, which have been approved by the FDA, can be used to treat ED.

This can be explained by one’s attitude and viewpoint on life. Men’s health has become much more challenging as a result of the present pandemic issue. In this essay, we’ll look at the factors that contributed to men’s depression being a nightmare.

Ego and Patriarchy

Patriarchy still remains in the majority of countries, despite years of globalisation and development. It wasn’t always portrayed in such a negative light, and it still exists today. Men are the family’s head and are in charge of their members’ goals and desires. In the vast majority of cases, the guy is the primary breadwinner for the family. He has bills to pay, college fees to pay, vacation expenses to pay, food and outing costs to pay, and nearly everything else.

Since childhood, it has been implanted in a boy’s psyche that when he grows up, he must care for his family. As a result, a society emerges in which men are completely responsible for their acts. Despite the fact that they are obligated to do so, the majority of them do not love it. A burden placed on men by their families and society.

When a statewide lockdown was imposed during the COVID outbreak, the effect was clear. Those with EMIs for cars, houses, or loans were hurt the worst by the financial crisis. Men, as the household’s sole breadwinners, were put under the most strain.

There have been cases of men committing themselves after losing their jobs and being unable to pay their EMIs to banks. If patriarchy had not been an issue, women would have been able to earn, and if one’s work was lost, someone would have taken care of the family. This, however, is far too advanced for our society. Men’s egos have gotten to the point where they believe a man isn’t a man if he can’t handle the expectations of the family on his own. This is why their women are not allowed to work outside.

In India, farmers committed suicide in similar numbers. When wives of deceased farmers were interviewed, it was determined that many suicides may have been prevented if they had been allowed to work. Their spouses, on the other hand, refused them and, in some cases, assaulted them for making too many demands. As a result, when their responsibilities got unbearable, they considered suicide. Farmers and men of all walks of life had similar tales to share.

Women have progressed further in terms of ego. They are more diplomatic and know how to take advantage of the circumstance. They don’t let their egos stand in the way of their success and output. Consider the Nordic countries, where women hold the reins of power. There is no terrorism, no conflict, and an incredible happiness index ranking. Finland, with a female prime minister and the majority of cabinet ministers, was the happiest country this year.

Lack of ability to adjust

Men have been found to be less likely than women to acclimatise to new changes, causing stress. We must transition from one part of our lives to another, sometimes by choice, and sometimes due to work and education. As a result, establishing a link with the new location as soon as possible is vital. Women are reported to be laid-back in a new situation. In terms of eating habits, men also reject healthful and nutritious foods. Unless the doctor forces them to, they do not do so. Women, on the other hand, are quite concerned about their health. They go to the gym, perform aerobics, and start eating healthier if they gain a few pounds.

Men, on the other hand, are less in control of their emotions. Despite the fact that they have diabetes, they still crave sweets and confectionaries. Green tea and other health supplements are most commonly consumed by women around the world.


Males who sincerely wish to improve their existing situation must first acknowledge that there is a problem. Their ego and masculinity always result in negative repercussions. It is vital to alter one’s processes and lifestyle rather than using antidepressants. Healthy and nutritious foods must take precedence.

Yoga and meditation should be practised for at least 30 minutes per day. It has the ability to completely transform you from the inside out. Depression is caused by a disruption in our mental state, not by a virus from the outside. Self-introspection is the key, rather than turning to Medslike for cures such Kamagra 100mg Oral Jelly, Tadarise, or Cenforce 100.

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